Handicap Stall Striping – ADA Compliance

As a professional parking lot striping company, we understand the importance of providing adequate parking spaces for people with disabilities. Handicap striping is essential in ensuring that these individuals can access buildings and facilities conveniently. In this article, we’ll discuss every aspect of handicap stall striping that business owners may be interested in knowing, including ADA compliance, hash striping, required signage, and wheel stops, as well as other types of pavement markings we provide, such as parking stalls, fire lanes, crosswalks, and loading zones.

ADA Compliance and Handicap Parking

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires business owners to provide accessible parking spaces for people with disabilities. This includes designated handicap parking spaces that are clearly marked and located near accessible entrances. ADA guidelines specify that the minimum number of handicap parking spaces is determined by the total number of parking spaces in a lot. For instance, if a lot has 100 parking spaces, at least five of them must be designated for people with disabilities.

Handicap stalls must meet specific requirements, including width and slope standards, as well as having sufficient space for van-accessible parking spaces. The slope of a handicap parking space should not exceed 1:48 (2%), and the minimum width of a handicap stall is eight feet, with an adjacent access aisle measuring at least five feet wide. If the parking lot has more than one row of parking spaces, each row should have at least one handicap stall.

Handicapped Parking Stall Striping Company
Handicap Stall Striping Company

Hash Striping and Required Signage

Handicap stalls must be clearly marked with the universal handicap symbol and the words “Van-Accessible” or “Accessible” if applicable. Hash striping must also be included in handicap stalls and access aisles. The hash striping is a series of diagonal lines painted in white that mark the area reserved for accessible parking. These lines should be 36 inches long and spaced 1 foot apart. The hash striping ensures that adjacent vehicles do not encroach on the access aisle, providing sufficient space for wheelchair users to enter and exit their vehicles.

In addition to the universal handicap symbol and hash striping, ADA guidelines also require the installation of signs with the words “Van Accessible” for van-accessible parking spaces. These signs should be mounted at least 60 inches above the ground and visible from the driver’s seat of a van.

Wheelstops and Other Pavement Markings

Wheelstops are concrete or rubber blocks installed at the end of a parking space to prevent vehicles from parking too far forward. For handicap stalls, the wheelstops should be placed at the front of the space to prevent vehicles from encroaching on the access aisle. Wheelstops also help drivers align their vehicles correctly and prevent damage to curbs or other structures.

Apart from handicap stalls, we also provide pavement marking services for parking stalls, fire lanes, crosswalks, loading zones, and other areas of your parking lot. Our professional striping team uses high-quality paint and the latest equipment to ensure that your parking lot is clearly marked and meets all ADA requirements.

Handicap striping is an essential component of any parking lot, and business owners must comply with ADA guidelines to ensure accessibility for people with disabilities. We provide professional and reliable pavement marking services, including handicap stalls, hash striping, required signage, wheel stops, and other types of pavement markings. With our expertise, you can be assured that your parking lot is safe, accessible, and compliant with all ADA requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our handicap striping and other pavement marking services.

Handicap ADA parking Stall Striping Company
Handicap ADA Striping Compliance

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